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Art3d Peel and Stick Headboard for Twin

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  • Upgraded adhesion - We guarantee 100% stuck with nano-sticker as reinforcement, tap “Promotion Available” or reach out to us via seller-buyer message to get a set of nano-sticker free
  • Affordable - It's less than half of the cost of conventional headbord panel which makes it much more affordable
  • Multiple Application - This upholstered wall panel manufactured in the modern rectangular block with timeless colors, which makes it a universal decor for both commercial and residential
  • Sound Insulation - It's padded with a thick and dense sponge, making it an adequate sound insulation capacity. It can function as a sound insulation board for the recording studio, home theater, meeting room, office where sound insulation is necessary
  • Superior Performance - It's high-rebound and cozy, water-resistant, easy to maintain.

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