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Londo Leather Mousepad with Wrist Rest - elpetersondesign

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EXQUISITE LEATHER CRAFTSMANSHIP – The Londo Mousepad is crafted with high quality, leather attached with fine and durable stitching, giving it a sleek look and a slim body. An exemplary model of artisanal craft combining the pleasant feel and the handsome look of leather without sacrificing versatility and convenience. SILKY SMOOTH and WATERPROOF - The Londo Mousepad provides a silky smooth surface for efficient and uninterrupted use of your mice. NON-SLIP BACKING – The Londo Mousepad is reinforced with a non-slip backing keeping it stable. The Londo Mousepad can also be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. WRIST REST – The Londo Mousepad features a padded wrist rest to ensure your wrist stays in an ergonomically favorable position, thus not only prolonged computer use is more comfortable but repetitive stress injuries is also prevented. STYLISH AND PRACTICAL - The Londo Mousepad is not only stylish but also practical. Due to its small form factor at only 8.2 inches by 8.2 inches it reduces clutter on your desk surface when used with a desktop computer or can be conveniently carried in a bag, a laptop case, or in a personal bag. It comes in black, white, and brown colors.