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Premium 30 x 30 Black Wood Frame (Derby)

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  • This 30" x 30" Wood style frame is made from a North American hardwood with a decorative wood pattern wrap. Made in the U.S.A.
  • Comes with Clear Framing Grade Acrylic that offers beautiful clarity at half the weight of glass and many times the impact resistance. Additionally, it blocks some ultraviolet light. It is the ideal glazing material for museums, galleries, and homes.
  • Includes our premium Acid-Free Foamcore Backing, recommended for important artwork or work which will be framed for many years. It is buffered with an alkaline solution, which helps to combat the acids found in most printed art and slows down the rate at which the artwork damages itself.
  • Fits art, posters, and/or photo prints measuring exactly 30" x 30". This frame includes hanging hardware, wire and nail.
  • Please contact us at with any concerns related to your product or delivery.