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  • I wish these things existed 20 years ago!

    This is my first blow dryer brush. I usually let my hair air dry and then run a straightener through it, which is fine but it flattens it out. I have somewhat thick, long blonde hair that's wavy if I let it go. This blow dryer brush is awesome! It only takes me 10 minutes to dry and straighten my hair and it doesn't make it flat like the straightener! I've been using it every day since I got it. I definitely recommend!

  • Dryer brush I was waiting for!

    My hair is very long and super thick so using a dryer and also a brush is just crazy. I just gave up with the hair dryer I got a year ago. It will take me about 45 minutes to dry my hair but now using this brush takes around 15 minutes. It’s just great. I don’t feel like a witch anymore if I decide to dry my hair. It also helps me to give my hair like a blowout drying effect which I love. The color is great and cute (not to pinky). I would recommend it and I am pretty sure it works much better with shorter hair. Love it! I am finally happy with something I bought for my hair

  • Super Nice Brush Blow Dryer

    Very nice quality and easy to use blow dryer. I have thick hair so I pin up sections at a time and start blow drying from the bottom up. I have also found that using a comb and holding it agains your hair, holding it down onto the dryer, makes it less fuzzy and more manageable. Great price, Highly Recommend!

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