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BASK KIN Portable Cordless Lantern Table Lamp | USB Rechargeable - interiorsbydebbi

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【The Anywhere Lamp】Experience the warm, bright glow of the Kin lamp. It’s smooth curves and understated form are evocative of the classic Japanese lantern. Its playful design spreads a diffused golden hue in any room in your home - the entryway, living room, bedroom, or backyard. Kin is there whenever and wherever you need it. You can take the lamp with you anywhere, illuminating any space in your home with a soft, warm glow. 【UltraBright, WarmColor LEDS 】High-powered LEDs creates a copious amount of light, illuminating entire spaces with a bright glow. The 3000K color temperature gives the Kin a warm, soft light that is both inviting and cosy. Kin illuminates any nook in a warm light and creates a friendly ambience. 【BigBatt Li-Ion Battery – 4000 mAh】Rechargeable, battery-powered and portable, Kin features a rechargeable, ultra-long life 4000 mAh battery. This oversized, high-capacity battery means longer uses between charges and less time spent plugged in. 【DiffuseLight Shade】With its dome-shaped diffuser, Kin creates a warm glow when illuminated. The shade diffuses the light and creates a comfortable, relaxing light. Kin produces a bright light without the harsh glare. The LED light bulb lasts 10,000 hours and never needs to be replaced. 【Trusted Bask Lighting Company | 2 Year Warranty】Hi, we’re Bask from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Through each lamp, we wish to convey an unspoken energy inspired by the golden hours of dawn and dusk. All our lamps come with a full, all-inclusive 2 year warranty. Our responsive customer service will ensure you get quick help for any needs you have.