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Drawer Divider 4 Pack, Adjustable Bamboo Drawer Organizers for Clothing

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  • SAY GOODBYE TO JUNK DRAWERS & HELLO TO ORGANIZATION: Fabsome dividers easily allow you to organize your big kitchen drawers by separating kitchen utensils and other gadgets for easy access. They work great when you divide your husband's socks into colours, your long-sleeved shirts from the short-sleeved shirts, and your shorts from your pants. No more digging around for what you need when you're in a rush!
  • DRAWER ORGANIZERS THAT WORK: Fabsome dividers are sturdy enough to divide and organize all kinds of drawers. The non-slip rubber pads at both ends will protect your furniture while preventing sliding. They are easy to adjust in length so that you can put them in any drawer at home or office between 13 and 17 inches deep (inner size). However, they work best in drawers between 13.25 inches and 16.75 inches. Each divider is 2.35" wide and 0.6 inches thick.
  • PRIDE SHOWN IN THE CRAFTSMANSHIP: Prepare to be amazed by the quality of our dividers! Made of 100% organic bamboo to match most drawers' interior finish and always look brand new even after long-term use. Stack them up in deeper drawers for better results. They can also be used vertically or horizontally.
  • FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Get one for your partner so they won't struggle to find those kitchen utensils, making life easier on them, which makes you happier. Surprise your spouse; you know they will be highly impressed when opening a previously cluttered drawer to find it sorted and organized. Everyone can benefit from at least one set of these, plus they make a great gift.
  • EASY-TO-REACH CUSTOMER SERVICE & 2-YEAR, NO-HASSLE WARRANTY: Fabsome strives for excellence, so customer comments and feedback are always appreciated. Just drop us an email to let us know what we can do better, and your concern will be addressed within 12 business hours.

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