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HOMEIKEA Shelf Dividers 8Pcs – Sturdy Acrylic Shelf Dividers (12x8 inches) Fits Upto 1.1-Inch-Thick Shelves – Scratch Resistant Closet Dividers- elpetersondesign

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Goodbye Cluttered Piles: These 8 shelf dividers (12x8”) are just what you need to create manageably sections within a single shelf. You'll be able to organize your clothes, purses, books, & more. This way, you can easily maintain a neat closet Strong, Sturdy & Slim: If you're looking for a reliable & affordable storage solution, closet shelf divider is a great choice. They're sturdy & slim, plus they last for years, so you don't have to worry about them getting scratched or cracked easily Quick Access: If you're crunched for time, it can be challenging to pick the perfect outfit. A disorganized closet only makes the task more complicated. Closet dividers for shelves help you view all your clothes at once, which makes selection easier Aesthetic Design: Acrylic dividers for closet give your space a clean and stylish look. The round, smooth edges prevent fabrics from getting ripped. Thanks to the sturdy clasp and lightweight design, you can customize the storage to your preference Quick Installation: Clear shelf dividers for closets are easy to install. Just slide them onto the shelf & adjust them to suit. To avoid damage during transit, we’ve carefully wrapped & packed them. Note: Do consider the shelf thickness while installing