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Spiceology - Blackberry Balsamic - Spices and Seasonings - 4.9 oz

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Sweet and Tangy Seasoning - Bring complex, rich flavors to weeknight meals or daytime snacks with this elevated take on classic flavors. Try Blackberry Balsamic seasoning on - brussel sprouts, green beans, lamb, salmon, beef, pork loin, duck and venison, salad dressing, sauces, compound butter, and more. Elevated Spice Blend - With a punch of sweet yet tart blackberry and the deep and rich tanginess of balsamic vinegar, this blend brings a complex versatile flavor to your dishes. All the flavor of Blackberry Balsamic vinegar makes this blend a perfect (and easy) addition to salad dressing, soups, sprinkled on root veggies, and in red wine gastriques. A tip from our own Spiceologists - Sprinkle blackberry balsamic on cheesecake or vanilla ice cream to create an immediately elevated dessert. Tangy, Rich and Versatile Seasoning - This blend was designed to bring the flavors of a balsamic glaze to every meal. Fresh Ingredients and No Fillers: Spiceology has over 400 signature blends and single herbs, spices, and chilies. We deliver the freshest, most flavorful spices level up your pantry with Spiceology.