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Spiceology - Rosemary Dijon - Rosemary Seasoning - 4.6 oz

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Innovative Spices and Seasoning: Classic tangy French flavors meet aromatic herbs in this blend perfect for just about any savory dish. Rosemary Dijon is a versatile, savory blend. Use On: Try it on/in: asparagus, bread, green beans, meats (prime rib, especially!), popcorn, pork loin, potatoes, poultry (chicken and turkey), salad dressing and sauces. Experiment In Your Kitchen: Spiceology is all about experimenting with flavor. We are on a mission to eliminate dull flavors from the kitchen. Loved By Home Cooks, and Professional Chefs: Bulk container for chefs, commercial kitchens, and home chefs. Grind Fresh, Deliver Fresh: Spiceology’s spices and blends are packed fresh in the USA.