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Zen Lyfe

Zen Lyfe 3pcs Artificial Olive Branches for Vases Faux Olive Branches with Olives Greenery Stems Fake Plants Home Decor Indoor Outdoor Wedding Decoration 39 Inch Long Tall

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Materials: Artificial olive branches are made from silk leaves, plastic stems, foamed fruit , iron wire is wrapped in the stem. No strong chemical odor, olive leaves are not easy to wrinkle, artificial olive branches look so real awesome. Advantages: Faux olive branches are easy enough to cut through with kitchen scissors, then placed directly into any size vase for decoration. You can cut these down to seperate individual Olive stems, they work well with fresh flowers in your DIY projects. Size: Each olive branch is about 39.4 inches tall, with 100-110 olive leaves per branch and 10-12 olive fruits per branch. Tips: pack of 3 olive branches. The faux greenery are unfolded and placed in a paper box . You can use kitchen scissors to cut to the right height and place in the vase. Due to the transport packaging, the branches can be manually spread out after taking them out.(Do not worry: they are wired and can spread out.) Application: Olive leaves are ideal for indoor and outdoor decoration in dining home, coffeee table, weddings bridal bouquets, offices, gardens, shops, restaurants, hotels, party events, etc. Anywhere you want to decorate with artificial plants.